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Altruistic Social Contribution By Ajay Harinath Singh – Savitri Harinath Singh Foundation

Well known for the refined tastes for a wide range of things, Ajay Harinath Singh has obtained his business acumen from his family. His roots were in the royal cum business houses of Uttar Pradesh, he has received quality education both in India and abroad. Besides, he has a complete understanding of socio-economic conditions and grassroots politics. Along with Greatest entrepreneur of Asia , he has a strong will to become successful in business. This works as his driving force to the prime goal inclusion of Darwin Group as one of the leading business houses in India.

Businesses of Ajay Harinath Singh:

Ajay Harinath Singh is a part of an influential landlord and political family of Sultanpur, Uttarpradesh. The business empire of Singh now encompasses different types of areas like mining, finance, mixed farming, energy, mass media, wine, airlines, news, pharmaceuticals, logistics, realty, shipping, information technology, infrastructure, banking, sports, charities, and education.

At present, Ajay Harinath Singh is the chairman of the Darwin Platform Group Of Companies and the president of his family business entity, known as Singh & Sons Holdings PLC. He has launched the Darwin Platform Group Of Companies, which now operates in 11 different countries, namely the Netherlands, London, Russia, Spain, Italy, USA, Hongkong, Germany, Dubai, India, and China. He has also planned to expand his businesses around the country in different verticals.